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Top Message

We are now in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, driven by digital innovations such as robots, AI, IOT, self-driving cars and virtual reality.

It is said that the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will significantly change the way people work and lifestyles in various fields, including health, medical care, and public services, in addition to economic activities such as production, sales, and consumption.

In this tide, petroleum products have the universal value of enriching people's lives.

Although domestic demand in Japan is on a declining trend, petroleum products are positioned as an important energy source to be still utilized in the future because of its usefulness as fuel oil in a wide range of applications such as transportation, consumer use and power sources, and also as a material for chemical products. In the event of a disaster, petroleum products are committed to fulfilling a social role as "the last fort" of energy supply and supporting people's lives.

The Marubeni Energy Group, taking advantage of the comprehensive strength of being a trading company, values partnership with our customers and counterparties to gain their trust and support, furthermore, will sustain today’s life, open possibilities of tomorrow as well as create a new value with the power of petroleum products.

We aim to be a corporate group that builds a future where people can live with peace of mind.
President Keizo Torii